Natus Medical Incorporated (Natus) offers medical equipment, software, supplies and services for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of impairments and disorders affecting newborns, the brain, nerves, muscles, balance, mobility and hearing.

Natus brands have been setting the standard for patient care for over eighty (80) years providing innovative healthcare solutions focused on the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous and sensory system disorders for patients of all ages.

Main Products

EMG / NCS / EP System(Keypoint Focus, Keypoint G4), Clavis, supplies etc.

Keypoint Focus


Keypoint G4

TECA Myoject Luer Lock Needle Electrode

TECA Elite Disposable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrodes

TECA Elite Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrodes

Natus Disposable Adhesive Electrodes